www.VictorsInvisible.com is finally born! A mewling infant, yes, but growing fast and strong! And MORE!

Hey! It's time for another:
"Wait ...What's up? UPDATE!"
So much is coming over the next 18 Weeks.
New Website ! New Short Stories ! New Novel ! New Interviews ! New Reviews ! And new shampoo, too !

But first, let me address the disgusting rumor circulating around my Facebook Page.
Yeah ... I'm turning 31 this month. 
Yeah ... I don't care either. Okay, moving on to the other end of aging, my "serious, respectable, purely writing focused" website, is already learning how to crawl !

What you see is one of nature's oldest natural wonders. The website in progress. Yes, the post-pubescent form of VictorsInvisible ( whatever does that name mean? ) is still 90% hidden behind the musky velvet midnight curtains, mutating, and thrashing through humid nights and bonesaw days behind the wizard's hazel curtains.

Which means that VictorsInvisible is going to be a far more elegant and professional thing, than the snarling wolf: www.doomage.com.

One site for arts, and farts, and crafts.
The other to spread my "four doctrines of fiction and truth", duly stolen from Roger Rosenblatt (and thankfully approved).

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