Been a lot of updates recently, with more to come.  But first, a thank you that sneaks in hammy self promotion:

To all the new fans who've graciously "liked" my Author's Page, a smorgy porglet of non-sloaming obsession, please take a gander at my latest novella via Silverthought Press :

“Victor Giannini’s Scott Too is a tour de force that echoes the best speculative fiction of Philip K. Dick and the magical realism of Jose Saramago." - Kaylie Jones 

And here's a link to one of the many free comics featured here (except the preview of my full graphic novel "Skeightfast Dyephun"):

"The Life & Times of OH GOD SOMEBODY PLEASE KILL ME I hate my life, but I'm TOO AFRAID TO DIE!" - the 9 page tale of Brontobud, an immigrant dinosaur searching for the American dream via our illustrious fast food industry!

Many thanks to all the past, present, and potential future supporter's of my career!

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