College Q&A for Senior Creative Writing Students

Ah, invited (and paid) to return to my good ol' BA where we did horrid things (see Thrash Compactor) to read from "Scott Too" and then do this:

Answering questions from SUNY Purchase's Seniors in Creative Writing about MFA's, writer process, failure, walking dogs, calendars, enjoying submission ( safe for work ), what to DO in "real" life? Money, fear, huge risks, embracing the fear, etc. Smart group of kids ... holy dung did I just call college seniors "kids" ?!

This was after a reading from "Scott Too". Thank you to Catherine Lewis and Purchase college for inviting me to host this event. And paying me ... yay!

You can't see it in the video, but there was an actual audience, and a large, intelligent, gracious one.  Love them all!
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