UPDATED FOR THE KATZ! Kindle Is heeeeere ...

Yes, I'm still pumping the interview news into your face veins, but there's more.  Kindle has finally kindly accepted "Scott Too", as well as opened up a whole store for my publisher.

AW SNAP! Silverthought Press has it's own Amazon store now ... that means those of you who were SIMPLY DYING FOR A KINDLE version of "Scott Too" can now get one for $2.99, or a paperback for $9.99. 

Dina Santorelli offered my a lovely chance at an interview, and I took it up.  You can read it here:

Interview with Nerd Author Victor Gianinni

Amazon Here (it says out of stock but that's not true, just some temporary error)

And keep your eyes on Carrier Pigeon.  I know some great authors who are not me showing up soon.

Bye bye for now..............
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