Carrier Pigeon 7 has flown the coop!

It's a new quarter, and thus a brilliant, sexy, insanity soaked super-high-quality-make-your-eyeballs-smile-until-they-split-open issue of CARRIER PIGEON is here!

And I'm not fucking kidding, it can be turned into a fully magnetic sculpture.  Seriously.

Did you know only 1000 of each volume is made worldwide ?!  Did you know that with each new designer at the helm, get insane stuff like signed prints, strange orgami stuff, fantastic artist profiles, cutting edge fiction, and +1 mana for your resources?  Go to their site and see for yourself, flip through a preview online.  The magnet thing is craaaaazy.

PLUS:  I'M NOT PUBLISHED IN THIS ONE.  YOU CANNOT ACCUSE ME OF SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION (which I would do anyway, but still).  Keep supporting these guys, or I'll ... I'll ... sit in a dark corner shaking my head and wiping my tears on a Kindle.

How many times do I have to say it, get it while you can!  The earlier issues sold out, and for good reason.
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