"Sin Corazon" in Carrier Pigeon #5

Carrier Pigeon #5 is out.
I'm grateful for the artist they chose yet again. Keep nailing it guys! In their words:

"Sin Corazon," written by return contributor Victor Giannini, is a restrained fantasy about life within, beyond and adjacent to death. Ray Jones captures the off-kilter world with his trademark, sinuous inkfest.

"Sin Corazon" was first published as a different version by Silverthought, the same publisher who is releasing my first book this spring, "Scott Too" !!!!!! I love everything for just a brief moment. Try to remember this when the sharks grow legs ....

“Who cares? We don’t know why we’re born in the first place. The important thing is that we’re still together. And everyone is coming back. Everyone. So that must make it OK. Just imagine: all the fear and uncertainty of when you’re going to die could just go away. You can take control.”
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