INPUT OUTPUT was fucking awesome. Soooooo much fun, and a hell of a lot of people at the opening. Thanks for the support. Remember, it's still up for a month. Here's some more shit:

YO BUY THIS ZINE OR I'LL CUT YOU. All 9 issues of Brontobud are included as an insert, they're hand made and numbered, full of cooler artists than me, and ... and ... why would you NOT support your friends? Hmmm? I mean, I'm desperate, but the other 4 artists are really talented, and Aimee Lusty and Scott Meyers who made this for Booklyn Artists Alliance put a lot of time, effort, and bloody quality into it. Are you still reading this? Why didn't you click the link and check it out yet? Oh, you did! Cool, thanks buddy, love the support!

HERE'S just a few photos of the exhibit. There are ... millions upon millions more.

So please buy the zine and see the show. You know you want to. It's so sexahy.
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