Some Things

Carrier Pigeon Volume 4 is on the horizon, which will contain my story "The Shark Engine Enigma". Yeah, it's as weird and fucked up as the title sounds.

Went down to Comic-Con as a guest of Scott Snyder, current superstar writer of "Batman". He's one of the most down to earth people I've met. He really treats his fans fantastically (believe me, I've met the stars that don't...)
What can I say, it was fucking incredible.

ALSO, went down to Occupy Wall Street with Erik Romanyschyn, doing a like recon for our next joint project. The photos are up in my facebook album, feel free to take and use any if you wish.

Did some lectures, readings, and Q&A's recently. Yay.

Lots of stuff on the horizon as usual. You will be warned.

And don't forget, my novella, "Scott Too", is coming out next year from Silverthought Press.

And I'm doing a magazine cover soon for anyone that gives a shit. If you're reading this then I guess you do.
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