Carrier Pigeon! Comic-Con! Bonac! Skateboarding! Lots of shit!

Carrier Pigeon is on its way. You will find assholes like this in it, and incredible art and writing. Please check out out all the contributors, I've seen their stuff in person, and I'm very proud to be part of the project.

Comic-Con was incredible. I asked for Death's phone number in front of her boyfriend. Got to speak to the lead writers of Mass Effect and Fallout...etc. etc.
Did lots of signings for Space and Time Magazine, always a pleasure.

Lots of projects cooking at once, and Skeightfast Dyephun Vol.2 is slowly coming along.

Tara Israel's
project, (a)Bonac is still rolling, and I'm still writing/editing more vignettes about our weird childhoods.

Read, skate, fight, fuck, love, puke, eat, bleed, and have fun, kids!
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