Between the Lines Night With Conan the Barbarian

Went to the New York Surf Film Festival with my dad last night. Double feature, a new documentary called "Between the Lines" about the unshakable link between Vietnam and the surf world, and then of course, the fucking classic, "Big Wednesday". It was a small, intimate, valuable, affair. Good Q & A's, especially with the awesome John Milius. He was very friendly and spent a good deal of time talking with me about various issues, most notably Heart of Darkness and Conan.

Here's what some people have been saying about "Between the Lines":

Between the Lines
Narrated by
(Apocalypse Now - Big Wednesday)

“This is the soil from which APOCALYPSE NOW grew out of; it's as simple as that.”
- John Milius

“An Extraordinary, compassionate, and compelling documentary.”
- Drew Kampion, The Surfers Path

“You did a wonderful job and helped me to untie a few more knots. It sat with me all night.”
- John Prietto, Vietnam combat veteran & Army lifeguard

If you're concerned about the difficult choices people have to make, and how their way of life can ground, guide, and heal them, then this documentary will do you good. And of course "Big Wednesday" kicks ass in all manner of ways that modern films wouldn't take the time too.

It was cool, I have deeper things to say about it, but not here, and not before the wine runs out.
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